HSTRY Collaborates with Legendary Photographer Jamel Shabazz

Best known for his captivating NYC street photography in the 1980s, Jamel Shabazz has been documenting the world around him since the age of fifteen. “Shabazz captured the ‘golden era’ of hip-hop perfectly, in such a raw and celebratory way,” says HSTRY’s founder Nasir Jones. “I have all of his books. They take me back to the times of sheepskin coats, Cazal shades, fat-laced shell toes. Fly sh*t. This collab felt beyond natural.” From subways to street corners and beyond, Shabazz focused on “the human experience,”bringing to life the fashion and art of an era we look so fondly back on. “Collaboratingwith Nas on this project for HSTRY is truly an honor and privilege” says Shabazz. “The union represents the coming together of two minds, showing and proving our power and ability to both make and create HSTRY.” Along with new HSTRY holiday pieces, the three-piece HSTRY x Jamel Shabazz t-shirt collection “A Time Before Crack.” “Strictly Old School” and “Back in the Days” is available in limited quantities via shop.HSTRYClothing.com. Click here to shop the collection: http://hstryclothing.com/collections/jamel-shabazz
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